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Dementia is the loss of cognitive abilities in a person such as thinking, remembering, and reasoning to such an extent that it interferes with the person’s activities of daily living. This means the individual does not remember how to care for themselves, cannot remember when to use the bathroom or when to eat. With mild to severe impairment the person most often does not recognize their spouse or children or grandchildren, they experience confusion, problems with planning or concentrating and sometime trouble communicating. It can also come with behavioral changes. This disease is very challenging for family members not equipped with the right information and training on how to care for their loved ones

When a person with dementia is experiencing behavioral episodes or sundowning, they become very anxious, sometimes frustrated with everything which, often leads to anger and then soon become violent.

Seniors living with mild to severe forms of dementia with or without behaviors require special care plans with a thoughtful approach. No two person with dementia will behave the same way. Your loved one’s comfort and safety is our primary concern. Through verbal and nonverbal exercise, we can create different ways of communicating to better manage the different stages of dementia while treating your loved one with dignity and ensuring the best possible outcome.

We are very skillful in this area with a strong track record of success where others failed to make an impact the lives of seniors with dementia. What sets us apart is the simple believe that everyone with dementia deserves compassion and require a strong advocate to see to it that their rights and dignities are not violated.

Our primary goal is for your loved one to receive compassionate, safe, and dignified dementia care in the comfort of their home. With this type of care, simply choose from our wide selection of services (ADLs / iADLs) and let us exceed your expectations.

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