Our Journey

OVERTIMECARE, LLC is a family centered home health care agency managed by medical professionals with great family values. Our agency was founded by Felix, a Licensed Practical Nurse with extensive clinical background in this field and his wife Noel, a lawyer, and a strong family advocate. They both believe our aging loved ones can and should continue to have the choice to receive dignified and safe home care service while enjoying their golden years in the comfort of their own homes.

As owners of a home health agency, they both have experienced taking care of their own love ones and truly understood what it took to be there for someone that needs our help. Moreover, they both have a combined industry and personal experiences in health care and home health service, with over 25 years of providing excellent service to various families in our community while our agency continues to maintain a 5-star service reputation. Together with a strong, compassionate, dedicated and a reliable support team, we believe we can make a difference in your life as well with our home health service. Let your health needs be our concern.

Our Values

At OVERTIMECARE we aim to create a team of compassionate and dedicated caregivers who genuinely believe in caring for others and are an embodiment of these core values. With this in mind, we only seek out individuals that represent our beliefs and values, allowing you and your loved one peace of mind knowing they are in good hands.

Compassionate care

Caring with compassion and with a loving touch is as important as being competent. We understand you and your loved one can deeply appreciate receiving home care services when the caregivers show compassion because they genuinely care about you and what they do.

Dedicated care

We love the work we do. We believe in the service of others. And this passion can only be faithfully expressed through our total commitment.

Reliable care

Coming to work as scheduled is vital as it promotes quality well-being for your loved one. We make the needs of your loved ones a top priority and will not allow them to be left alone. With effective communication, we can quickly resolve staff absences and seek out replacements to fill in as needed.

Affordable Care

In our efforts to serve and make a real difference in our community, we strive to provide quality service at reasonable and affordable rates. We also create payment plans base on your service plan which uniquely address current health needs.


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In December 2015, my 93-year-old mother moved into a retirement community and was cared for by Felix. My mother persistently talked about this wonderful nurse and wanted me to meet him. When I finally met him, I knew from talking with him that he was compassionate, caring, friendly, and very professional. His services brought much joy to my mom. She recently passed away and Felix called me to see how I was doing and expressed his heartfelt condolences to me and my family. People like Felix are rare and a blessing to us all.

Elaine, Beloved Daughter

We came to know Felix while he cared for my elderly father at an assisted living facility. Felix was responsive, understanding, and provided high-quality care to my father. He was able to persuade my father, in a gentle and humorous way, to complete activities of daily living when my father was being resistant. Felix was always on top of my father’s needs and was a real blessing to us. We came to trust and rely on Felix and his services. I highly recommend him.

Nancy, Beloved Daughter

Felix cared for my parents for over three years. His personal touch and caring attitude were only matched by his expertise in nursing. I truly felt like we had a family member caring and watching over my parents.

Bruce, Beloved Son

I wholeheartedly trust Felix. He has cared for my parents for nine months. Throughout which he demonstrated knowledgeably and professionally. He showed tenderness as he cared for them through my mother’s fall and her passing. I am grateful to know that Felix is there to watch over my Father, helping him and our family to navigate through his medical needs.

Coreen, Beloved Daughter

For the short time I knew Felix, he showed compassion, was reliable, caring, and dedicated. I always felt safe when I knew he oversaw my care. His excellent work ethic and effective communication with my physician on my behalf were commended by my family. I am happy to know he is always here for me.

Renee, Client

Felix has overseen my care for over four years. During that time, I learned and saw that he genuinely cares for me and enjoys his work. With a big smile on his face, he cares for me with compassion, brought me comfort, showed dedication, and made me trust him. I will forever remain grateful to him and his care.

Claire, Client

It was a privilege to have Felix oversee the health needs of my lovely husband. Even though our time with him was short as my husband passed away shortly, I had complete trust in his work. His gentle touch, patient attitude and all-round involvement kept my husband safe. I felt much secured knowing Felix was there taking care of him. I owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

Marian, Beloved Wife

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